The Reasonable Subversion Experience

A rich Subversion user-experience

A rich Subversion user-experience

Control all your svn working-copies from a single location, featuring a rich user-interface, accessible source-control operations and highly-visible status icons, messages and notifications.

All your svn stuff in one place

All your svn stuff in one place

All your working-copies are automatically included in the application allowing you to instantly start monitoring your team's projects.
Additional repositories can be added allowing you to monitor remote or open-source projects without a checkout.

Detect conflicts before they happen

As-soon-as your colleagues commit a file opened by you - you'll get a notification for a possible conflict. You can resolve the conflict while it's hot and continue your work.

Automate your work with Rules and Custom-Actions

Automate your work with Rules and Custom-Actions

Perform automatic custom-actions based on certain source-control events and filters. Send emails, desktop notifications and even iPhone notifications.

Everything is so easy to access!

Everything is so easy to access!

The status of your working-copies is visible from the Taskbar or the Tray-Icon. Pending commits, available updates, possible conflicts - it's all there!

It's even extensible!

It's even extensible!

It only takes a few minutes to implement your own custom-actions and extensions.


Several built-in Actions are available for various automation needs, as listed below.

Each Action type accepts a set of properties which can be either pre-defined by the user or filled during the application execution as a template

In-addition, custom Actions can be easily created and imported into the application.

  • SVN-Update

    Automatically updates a working-copy

  • SVN-Commit

    Automatically commit modified files

  • Desktop Notification

    Show a desktop popup notification box

  • External Program

    Run an external executable

  • SMTP Email

    Send an SMTP Email

  • Gmail

    Send an email from a Gmail account

  • Growl Notification

    Send notifications to Growl (For example - to an iPhone)

  • Event-Log

    Write to the Windows Event-Log

  • Text-File Writer

    Write to a text file

  • Sound Player

    Play a sound



Change Log


  • Windows
  • TortoiseSVN v1.7+
  • .NET Framework 3.5

After a trial of 30 days, you will be able to use the Free Edition or buy one of the other licenses

Free Professional
Automatic Working-Copies Scanner
Working-Copies Watcher
Built-In and Customizable Monitors
Revisions Recommendations
Maximum Repository Sources 3 unlimited
Maximum Working-Copies Sources 3 unlimited
Maximum Rules 1 unlimited
Sources Tray-Menu
Taskbar Overlay Status-Icon
Global Windows Keyboard Shortcuts
Authors Hide
Automatic Upgrades
Full TortoiseSVN Compatibility
Rich .NET Extensions API
Global and per-Source settings
Open/Edit files directly from the application
Fast Email Support
Customizable Rules
Full Sources Conflict Rules Taskbar Extension